Berlin, Germany

So eeeeeeeeverything seemed to happen in Berlin! This gorgeous city is brimming with culture, vibrancy and seemingly infinite history. People want to tell you things, show you things, tell you more things! But of course, we had to spend our first night in a craft beer bar (I am not a fan of beer like the guys were in the slightest, so I was super happy with a good old gin and tonic) whilst watching the Euro football finals.

I admittedly felt a lot safer that Germany had already been knocked out, whilst surrounded by avid drunken football fans. It turned out to be a wonderful night and we met some amazing people, who are still making an appearance in my life now!

Our hostel was the most wonderful place. So reasonably priced, quiet and such a nice atmosphere. We were in an 8 person bedroom whilst at Grand Hostel Berlin and it was 100% my favourite because it was so clean, they left sweets on your pillow and gave us every bit of information we could ever want about Berlin! (plus a welcome drink, maybe because we were soaking with sweat from the walk up with our backpacks…) It was basically a fancy hotel with shared rooms! I also could not recommend the breakfast on offer more…All you can eat and everything is cooked fresh in front of you.

We accomplished so much around Berlin. You can get a lot done in one day as most touristy things are actually along the stretch of the Berlin wall, which of course we decided to walk the main strip of! The art work is absolutely insane – look!


We also visited the Reichtag (which we didn’t venture inside of as the ques were INSANE but it succeeded all expectation from the outside alone), the secret Police Museum which was free and took you through practically the whole of Germany’s war history and then found check point Charlie!



All the emotion in Berlin truly hit me when we went to visit the memorial. Walking within it’s centre, getting lost, tripping over the different levels, jumping out of my skin when someone came round the corner…It may be a very obscure vision of what this memorial was created for but, to me, it seemed to try and mimic the unimaginable emotions that the victims faced during the Holocaust. It made me feel so vulnerable, so blind to the world and unprotected at all angles. All three of us seemed to be in a very solumn bubble for the rest of the day because of real it all became to us. It’s one thing seeing pictures, being there and in it is something completely different.


Aside from experiencing the intimacies of Germany, we also managed to fit in some well earned shopping around ‘Alexander Platz’. Although this may not seem like a big deal to anyone but myself, I finally got myself round to buying a pair of Birkenstock sandals after SOOO many years of wanting them…and from their mother country!!!!! So here’s me looking rather pleased with myself. Can you believe I’m still this pale after 2 weeks of 30 degree heat…


Berlin was so much walking and seeing and ‘ooooing’ and ‘aaaahing’ and seemed to go by in such a flash. This post needed to be more photo orientated because there’s really no words to justify the beauty of what we saw. It was such a strange experience to go from such the simplicity of Split two weeks prior, to a contemporary indulgence in Berlin. You don’t realise the diversity of how different groups of the word live until you experience it first hand at lightening speed.

I really loved Berlin and you literally couldn’t walk anywhere without wanting to stop and take a picture or coming across something historic. It’s overflowing with gorgeous buildings and gorgeous people. Ugh, Berlin I miss you. Although, Amsterdam was calling us.

So, here’s to our last stop! Amsterdam.

Marika x


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