“Verona really does have the best ice cream.”

Noah and I had the pleasure of staying with one of my friends, Alessia, and her family for a few days as she took on the role of our personal tour guide! She lives just outside Verona’s centre which made getting around in her little car so easy and it made such a positive change to see someone so in love with their own city and the villages that surround it.

We spent two nights in Alessia’s home, wasting no time when we arrived by heading straight into a small town on Lake Garda called Lasize. This little lake side town is bursting with traditional cultures, such as the numerous renowned vineyards that thrive in the slightly milder climate, to the friendly local restaurants, advertising their fresh fish on menus. Lake Garda was one of the places we were desperate to visit on our trip and for us, it really lived up to the elegant and luxurious reputation it holds. Although the sporadic weather was very much against us, it didn’t stop us enjoying what sun broke through.


I didn’t believe Alessia when she told me that Lazise also has Italy’s best gelato but I honestly almost fell into the Lake in awe. Verona really does have the best ice cream! Who knew Watermelon and Tiramisu would go so well together…

Our second day was spent exploring the centre of Verona. You enter the heart of the city by walking under the old archway, immediately leading you to a stunning view of the Arena and town hall. The Arena is currently deep into its lyrical season and operatic season, which ends at the end of August, so if you are in Verona at all over the next few weeks, here’s a link to the Arenas website19578888_848879518609561_204200231_o.jpg19578683_848880651942781_1006663644_o.jpg

We followed Alessia through the bustle of the streets, gawping at how a ‘so called’ high street could be so beautiful until we were abruptly turned left into a PACKED side street.19576646_848879145276265_1100729840_o.jpg

We were greeted with a view that I wasn’t expecting so soon! The statue of Juliet and her balcony! The number of people was crazy, all wriggling around in this tiny square trying to get photos just like us. It was amazing to see all the letters pinned to the walls and the plethora of initials that had bound their love to one of the most romantic literary spots in the world…It’s also said that if you hold one of Juliet’s breasts, it will give you luck in love! If that isn’t romance I don’t know what is. People were literally fighting to get up and cop a feel (which is also something you should do yourself on a regular basis ladies, check the link).


We also climbed to a peak viewing point, which gave us a spectacular view of the entirety of Verona and for a while, none of us spoke. We just wanted to take a while to appreciate where we were and how lucky we were to have this view.


The rest of the day was filled with exploring the streets, drinking Aperol Spritz and mostly catching up with Alessia since I’d last seen her in London. She is so proud of her hometown and we couldn’t have enjoyed it more because of her. Regardless of how many times we said it, we can’t thank Alessia and her family enough for their amazing hospitality! You were a dream.


This post needed to be super filled with photos because otherwise, I don’t think you would even be able to begin to understand how much of a fairy tale feel Verona has.

I hope you enjoyed another of my ramblings!

Marika x


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